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This is a website dedicated to the Tennessee Titans, dealing with breaking news, scouting reports, and opinion based articles.  Personally, I like to back up my opinions with film proof or research to support my theories.  Generally, the articles tend to be long but readers deserve extensive research to aid them in enjoying Titans football even more.

In most cases, I try to break down the films and analysis into a “What went right/wrong or What is the general purpose of this call” detail so people can see patterns or mistakes.

Film Breakdowns –

Deals with both positive and negative aspects of a game for the Tennessee Titans.  There will be articles on the passing game, running game, and defensive game pertaining to the Titans.  In most cases, I will use All 22 film (or coach’s tape) to show better angles than shown on TV.  During the season, this will be a weekly event, as those articles will be posted on the Tuesday after a game.

KW Kneel for Win –

It’s the Keller Williams Kneel for Win Play, which deals with the only play that essentially sealed the game for the victor.  This play isn’t exclusively in favor of the Titans, but rather the victor in the game.

Off-Season Targets –

These articles deal with possible free agent targets for the Tennessee Titans as they work their ways through free agency.

Draft Coverage –

There will be scouting reports for possible targets regarding the Tennessee Titans, especially as the dates get closer to the draft.  After the draft, there will be scouting reports on players drafted by the Titans, and UDFA signings.

Off-Season Coverage –

There will be weekly articles pertaining to Titans news in the off-season.  If there is a dearth of printable news, I will post scouting reports on prominent players already on the team, and my expectations for the upcoming season for those players.

Social Media –

Twitter:  @AnatomyofTitans

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Email:  AlvinPachikara@AnatomyofTitans.com