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Positive Rushing Plays: Titans vs. Dolphins (Week 1)

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In this article, we look at the positive rushing plays: Titans vs. Dolphins (Week 1) and see how Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry helped the Titans offense on Sunday.

Positive Rushing Plays Dolphins



There are a couple of things to notice on this play, the zone shift blocking, as each blocker moves to the left.  The other thing is Derrick Henry’s vision and speed to the outside.  On this play, the linebacker rushes up the field to have outside contain, but Henry runs behind him, while still keeping the angle to hit the outside, get 5 yards.  It takes a good tackle by the defender to bring him down, but he shows good speed to the outside here.  Henry has a very large stature, but I feel he’s more comfortable running to the outside, where he can overrun secondary players with ease.



A great rush from Dion Lewis here, as he shows his elusiveness up the middle to gain 9 yards.  Delanie Walker with a great block, and Lewis making guys miss within a crowded area.  Due to their size, there is common misconception about the Titans backfield, labeling Henry as the inside runner while Lewis is the outside runner.  However, as I mentioned in the article about signing Lewis, he’s actually better suited to run up the middle because he’s so shifty in crowded spaces.  Furthermore, Henry does his best work when he can hit the outside, and use stiff arms along with size advantage.



An absolutely great run from Dion Lewis, as he runs right up the middle once again and shows his elusiveness.  The first thing to notice is the cutback from Lewis in zone blocking, and then the vision to run up the field for major yards.  Look at the move he puts on Reshad Jones here down the field, breaking the tackle for few more yards, and refusing to go down.  This is a great example of the elusiveness that Lewis shows while in confined areas, which is what makes him special.  There are a lot of players that can show moves in the open field, but Lewis is great at making defenders miss in a crowded setting.



A touchdown from Dion Lewis, and once again he shows the ability to run up the middle and the tenacity to fight for the touchdown.  He literally runs backwards to get to the endzone, and fights through for the touchdown.  A great run by Lewis here, as he really started to shine in this game, and make a great first impression.



This play got called back on an absolutely terrible holding call, saying Delanie Walker was holding while having his facemask being pulled.  The play is really made by who I think is Josh Kline (the last number on the jersey is 4, but I can’t tell for sure) who blocks the linebacker up to open up the cut back lane for Henry.  Delanie Walker helps to seal the outside, so there is a clear route for the running back, and Derrick Henry races down the field for what should rightfully be a touchdown.  Once again, Henry shows off the speed and ability to rush outside, and it’s a shame the bogus penalty cost them a touchdown.


In this article, you can see how Dion Lewis is a monster in running up the middle, while Derrick Henry runs great to the outside.  Dion Lewis showed why he was a priority signing in the off-season and adds an extra element to the offense.

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