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Positive Running Plays – Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals (Week 10)

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In this article, we look at the positive running plays from the Tennessee Titans, in their win over the Cincinnati Bengals in week 10 of the 2017 NFL season.  

Tennessee Titans Film Review:



This is a good run by the DeMarco Murray, as he almost scores a touchdown.  The whole point of this play depends on Murray’s ability to beat the linebacker to the edge, because that player is unaccounted for.  The linebacker has free reign to move without blockers, so that is the one on one match up that interests the Titans.  This is probably not a touchdown because Corey Davis doesn’t do a great job with the block, allowing the defender to set the angle, therefore forcing Murray to slow down and cut back inside.  Murray rewards Davis for the lackluster effort by giving him a bump in the back.  If Davis eliminates his defender with sufficient blocking, this is a touchdown. 



DeMarco Murray makes a great improvisation on this touchdown scoring play.  Notice the blocking scheme on this play, because there seems to be some blocking scheme issues here.  Don’t focus on Murray, but notice the left side of the formation.  The left side of the formation seems to think the running play is going towards the left side of the field.  Notice how the guard rolls out to set the edge, leaving Andrew Billings with a direct shot at Murray.  They have everyone blocked to the left side of the field, but they leave the defensive tackle alone.  It seems, the center made a mistake by not blocking to the left, but rather attacking the second level, as if he expects a run up the middle.  Notice the right side of the line as well, because they leave Hardy Nickerson alone, because the line doesn’t see him as a factor in the play.  It seems as if Murray was expected to run left, but Billings blows up the play because he wasn’t blocked.  Murray makes the defensive tackle miss, and then gets past the linebacker as well for a touchdown. 



Adoree’ Jackson was one of the best athletes in the past draft, being a dual threat on offense and defense.  Jackson shows excellent speed on this play, and runs for twenty yards.  The play is once again made by the run-pass option from Mariota.  Notice the middle linebacker lined up directly with Jackson, and how he reacts.  The linebacker waits until he’s sure Mariota has given up the ball, because he has the responsibility to contain Mariota if the QB is going to run with the ball.  Since that linebacker is now slow to react, the Titans have blockers set up in the first and second tier, which allows Jackson to use his great speed to gain some major yards. 



On this play, Henry breaks through the line and goes for a major gain, thanks to some good blocking.  There isn’t much to breakdown here, the line blocks well, opening up a hole for the running back to fly through.  Josh Kline doesn’t do a great job with the block, but he blocks adequately enough to keep the defensive back from clogging the lane.  Both the defensive and offensive lines are sliding on this play, so to open up a hole, Kline has to beat the defensive tackle in the slide.  He doesn’t beat the tackle, but blocks him just enough to allow Henry to run through. 



This is here just for the touchdown, as Murray jumps at the pile, and extends for the TD.  It’s barely a touchdown, but the ball crosses the line nonetheless. 



This is an excellent set up by the Titans, with an excellent read option from the QB and Jackson.  Notice the moment when Jackson moves, the linebacker moves across the field, to cover the slot receiver, while the slot defender moves to cover Jackson.  Once that happens, it’s a numbers game for the Titans.   The blocking scheme on this play is intricate and executed well.  Delanie Walker is the first cog in the blocking scheme, and his task is to block the linebacker that moved with Jackson.  The second tier is blocked by Corey Davis, who missed a similar type block earlier in the game.  However, he makes the right block here to cordon off the middle linebacker.  The third block is executed by Mariota by way of running towards the defender on a read option.  You will see this consistently in college football with the explosion of spread offenses running read option elements.  The cornerback on this play has to make a decision, either stay back and let Mariota run right by him or commit knowing Mariota will throw the ball back to Jackson.  Once the defender committed to Mariota, Jackson had free reign to run down the field for a first down.  While the play is a negative for the Bengals, you have to give some props to rookie Jordan Evans.  The linebacker is on the other side of the play, but he doesn’t quit and runs across the field, and therefore helps make the tackle by his mere presence.  When Jackson is running down the field, he has a one on one match up with the safety, but Evans’ presence means that Jackson can’t cut back inside, forcing him to go towards the sideline.  


The Tennessee Titans did make some good plays in the running game, especially DeMarco Murray as they pull out a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.  I’m impressed with the offensive ability of Adoree’ Jackson in this game.  

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