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Positive Running Plays – Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 9)

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In this article, we break down the positive running plays for the Tennessee Titans as they play against the Baltimore Ravens, in week 9 of the 2017 NFL season.  This is a short article, in comparison the essays you can usually read here, which is a testament to the Raven’s defense.  As usual, please like, share, and subscribe to the website.  

Positive Running Plays:



Adoree’ Jackson was very much known as one of the most explosive athletes in the draft last year, especially with his abilities to evade defenders on offense.  In this case, the Titans put DeMarco Murray and Jackson in the backfield to throw off the Ravens.  Notice the slight movement to the right side by Jackson before taking the handoff.  The movement is designed to move the linebacker to the outside, because that gives Ben Jones inside leverage on blocking down the line.  The inside leverage is vital in this example to create a running lane for Jackson down the middle.  The block by Murray isn’t designed to create a particular lane, it just leaves the option for Jackson to cut outside or up the middle, depending on the reaction of the defender.  The Ravens’ defender moves outside, and Jackson correctly cuts up the field for a sizeable gain.  This is a great set up by the Titans, and a good example of how a simple shift at the start of the play set up blocking lanes later.  



On this play, Derrick Henry makes a positive play with a good run.  This is a blocking scheme by the Titans and it really helps them create holes.  The Titans have Smith and Supernaw in the backfield to act as blockers, and they play crucial roles on this play.  Smith plays the biggest part by having the linebacker follow him to the middle of the field, which opens up the outside lane for Henry.  Supernaw comes across the line of scrimmage to block the linebacker on the edge of the line, clearing the path for Henry.  Supernaw’s block and Smith’s block indicate the run was slated to go towards the outside, and Henry makes a good run to the outside.  The whole play is made by the linebacker moving with Smith, because the defense doesn’t know if the running play is designed to move up the middle or towards the outside.  By the time the linebacker realizes the running lane, it’s too late, and Henry is running through the outside lane. 



A touchdown for Derrick Henry and the Titans.  This is a 3rd and 1 play at the goal line, and Henry does a good job of cutting it to the outside and going in for the score.   The Ravens are defending this play up the middle as the linebackers all pile up to block the middle, which allows Henry to run outside and beat the defender to the edge of the line.  It’s a good cut by Henry, and good call by the Titans. 


There isn’t much to dissect here because there weren’t many interesting plays.  Dan Pees runs a defense that is fundamentally sound, so there aren’t that many considerable mistakes to showcase a lack of fundamentals.  Please like, share, and subscribe to support me and website.  

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