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Positive Defensive Plays – Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Week 10)

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In this article, we examine the positive defensive plays from the Tennessee Titans in their win against the Cincinnati Bengals for week 10 of the 2017 NFL season.  The team pulled out a win, and definitely got some help from the defense.

Tennessee Titans Film:



This is a great play from Kevin Byard, as he attacks the runner and tackles Mixon for the loss.  The play is made by Byard because he makes a last second move to throw off the running game.  The Bengals have a play in which the receiver is supposed to block Byard, but when the safety moved up, the pre-planned angles are thrown off.  Once the receiver can’t execute the block, this play is blown up.  It’s a play made solely by Byard.  



This play is made by Sylvester Williams, as he gets around the block from the offensive line.  The Bengals guard is supposed to slide over and occupy Williams until the running back had cleared the radius, with an intended run towards the outside.  However, Williams shoves the guard to the side, using his sliding momentum against him, and tackles the running back in the backfield.  The offensive linemen performing pull blocks weren’t even expecting to see Williams because he was supposed to be occupied.  It’s a great play by the defensive tackle. 



A sack and fumble recovery caused by Brian Orakpo, who makes a very good play.  Notice the position of Orakpo on this play, because he’s lined up wide in line with the tackle.  More and more teams are doing this with wide defensive lines because it creates space between offensive lineman, creating angle mismatches.  In this case, the offensive tackle has to protect both the inside and outside lanes, thus he’s forced into being reactive, instead of aggressive.  Orakpo does a great job getting around the tackle, and getting to the QB to force the sack and fumble.  The ball is recovered by Derrick Morgan, and eventually sets up a touchdown for the offense. 



Andy Dalton fumbles the ball, and Morgan once again comes away with the fumble recovery.  There isn’t much to analyze with this play, as Dalton simply seems to fumble the ball. 



A great play by Brice McCain, as he breaks up the pass from Dalton.  It’s a great call by the defense, because they are showing and employing man coverage in this case.  However, McCain is actually in zone coverage, and hands off his receiver to the middle linebacker.  Dalton reads the coverage as man coverage, and sees McCain abandoning the zone, at which point he decides to make the throw.  However, McCain abruptly stops and turns back to make a stab at the ball, and deflecting it.  This is a very good example of how the defense is baiting the QB into making a read, when they were playing the opposite read.   It works out well for the defense, and almost get the interception. 



For this play, just notice Adoree’ Jackson, because he’s the star.  Jackson has issues with turning his hips early at times, which give advantages to the receiver.  Notice how LaFell on this play, first attacks to the outside, because he is trying to bait the rookie cornerback to turn his hips to the outside.  In this instance, Jackson remains disciplined and stands his ground, which makes the ensuing inside cut much less effective from the receiver.  Since Jackson doesn’t have the hip turning issues on this play, he’s able to recover much faster and make a play on the ball.  The Bengals were directly attacking him, hoping to get him to give up an easy pass, and it failed.  He’s one of the more talented cornerbacks in the game on pure talent, so it’s good to see him get some technical aspects down as we go. 


As you can see, the Tennessee Titans made some positive plays on defense that helped them get the victory over the Bengals.  I would like to write more thought out conclusions, but since the season is over, most fans barely skim over these articles.  Next season, I’ll be writing weekly, so it’ll be more lengthy.   As usual, please like, share, and subscribe.  

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