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Negative Running Plays – Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 9)

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This article deals with the negative running plays from the Tennessee Titans, as they face off against the Ravens in week 9 of the 2017 NFL season.  As is the case with the other articles about this week, it’s a short one.  I couldn’t find too many examples where anything stood out, so it’s a short article.  As usual, please like, share, and subscribe to help receive up to date information on new articles. 

Negative Running Plays:



While this play goes for positive yards, 4 to be exact, it’s a missed opportunity for the Titans.  The play is designed to move to the left, and there is a massive hole for DeMarco Murray to run for daylight.  Murray does a great job of hitting the hole, but makes a bad decision in cutting back into the middle.  Murray is facing a one on one match up with a safety, and has three choices.  Option 1 meant cutting outside and taking the route around a block and taking the path to a good ten yards.  Option 2 meant cutting up the field and taking the chance on breaking the tackle on a diving safety with blocks down the field.  Option 3 meant cutting back into the inside, where Ravens have multiple players waiting to tackle the runner.  In this scenario, Murray takes the wrong option and ends up being a small gain, when there was a chance for a bigger play. 



On this play, Murray makes another bad read with another cut to the inside.  As the action unfolds, there is a linebacker coming up the middle to block the inside running lane.  However, the Titans have blocks set up on the outside to match up defenders, yet Murray tries to cut back.  If Murray continues running towards the outside, he has a chance to avoid the linebacker.  However, by cutting back into the middle and slowing down, he allows himself to be tackled.  This is just a bad read by Murray as he tries to cut back, and wastes an opportunity for major gain, instead going down for a loss. 


I’m not the biggest fan of DeMarco Murray because I thought he ran conservatively this season.  There are too many examples of him missing holes, rather opting to run into the line of scrimmage for minimal game.  While he did show some flashes throughout the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team moved on from him.   Please like, share, and subscribe to the website.  

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