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Negative Defensive Plays – Titans vs. Ravens (Week 9)

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In this article, we look at the negative defensive plays from the Tennessee Titans, against the Baltimore Ravens in week 9 of the 2017 NFL season.  While the team did earn a victory, it wasn’t without faults and definitely showed some weaknesses.  As usual, please like, share, and subscribe to the website for up to date information about new posts.

Negative Defensive Plays:



On this play, you see a bad read by rookie Jayon Brown on tight end Ben Watson.  This is a 3rd and 8 play and the young linebacker gets caught flat footed on this play.  When Brown moves towards Watson, he doesn’t close the gap between him and the receiver, which allows for a free release.  Brown has to be more aggressive on this play, instead of allowing the free release into the middle of the field, especially when he doesn’t have any help. 



This is a well blocked play by the Ravens, but the mistake here is committed by Johnathan Cyprien, who takes a bad angle to the running back.  Cyprien has help to the middle, yet he takes the wrong angle to the runner, which allows Collins to break the tackle and gain some yards down the line.  The safety needs to attack the outside more, because he does have a linebacker to help out in the middle.  He needs to attack the running lane with more aggression to prevent the running back from getting further down the field. 



This is a ten-yard gain, and not a horrible play at all.  A lot of times you will hear about the adjustment from college to the NFL for cornerbacks.  This would be a great cover in college, but it goes for a first down in the NFL.  Jackson gives free inside release on this route, because he wants to drive on the pass for a possible interception or pass break up.  In college, the QB most likely doesn’t have as good of an arm, nor can they reliably put the ball perfectly to the receiver.  This ball is thrown perfectly, and Jackson just can’t make a play on the ball.  However, this is very good coverage by Jackson, and gives hope for the future.  As Jackson gets more experience, he will drive on this pass a millisecond earlier and have a chance to make a play. 



The defense gives up a TD, although it’s not really a bad defensive scheme.  Joe Flacco passes to the running back for a TD, and coverts the points.  The set up on this play is pretty simple, as they move their tight end over to the right side of the formation to provide protection for the roll out.  Flacco needs space to roll out to the right, therefore the tight end comes over to funnel the defenders to the inside.  On this play, the first read is the running back, with the read being the cornerback on the back end.  The play call seems to call for receivers to run behind the running back as well to give a two tiered look.  However, the Titans do an extremely good of blocking off the back end, which meant that Flacco had to throw towards the RB or improvise with a throw back.  We can’t blame the linebacker in this case because he has to engage him in a block at the line of scrimmage to protect himself against an inside cut move.  He must hit the running back, just as he did, to slow him down and then recover fast enough to stay with him.  However, he’s a step behind and Flacco just makes a great throw for the touchdown. 



Remember a couple of week ago, we were talking about pick plays, and how common it is across the league in short yard situations?  Well here we go.  The Ravens pull off the play, by being blatant about their intent.  The tight end doesn’t even bother to mask in his intent, rather just goes straight at the cornerback and clips him to slow him down, which frees up Wallace for the easy touch down.  More teams are taking advantage of this, because it’s very hard to defend, unless the defense decides to switch at the last second. 


The defense played one of those “good enough” games, especially thanks to some great plays by Kevin Byard and held on for the victory.  There were some issues with coverage, but Joe Flacco also made a few great throws to stifle the defense.  As usual, please like, share, and subscribe to the website.  

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