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Negative Running Game Film – Titans vs. Colts (Week 6)

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Welcome to another film breakdown at Anatomy of Titans, and in this article, we discuss the negative rushing for the Tennessee Titans against the Indianapolis Colts.  Rushing plays are much harder to decipher than passing plays, especially blocking assignments and rushing lanes, so there are bound to be disagreements.   I will be doing these breakdowns for Titans games, so please check back in with us for more reviews.

Negative Rushing Plays:


This play goes for about four yards, but DeMarco Murray misses an open lane in the middle and ends up just running into his own offensive lineman.  He has a shot to turn to the middle and face a defender one on one for a major gain, but decides against it.


Taywan Taylor may have had to buy Henry dinner after failing to block on this play.  The Titans have it set perfectly for Henry to run for the touchdown, but Taylor apparently doesn’t know the play call.  Notice Eric Decker on this play, blocking from the start, indicating a run call from the get-go.  If it was a read option, Decker wouldn’t start blocking right away because if the ball wasn’t handed off, it would be offensive pass interference.  Taylor on the other hand is still looking back into the backfield while running down the field, which allows the Colts’ cornerback to undercut him and blow up the play.  Taylor must have more awareness of the play and block properly because it’s an easy TD if he blocks the cornerback.  Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of playing younger players that won’t show up in stat sheets because they may not be familiar with the complete playbook.

It’s a short article for a change, because there weren’t many negative plays to highlight.  I don’t feel it’s necessary to review every negative run because I can’t highlight something important to point out for some of them.  Please follow us on social media and check back for more articles.

Questions for Comments:

  1. Suggest a good restaurant in Nashville that Taylor could have taken Henry to, as an apology.


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