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KW – Kneel for the Win Play – Titans vs. Colts (Week 6)

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Thanks for checking out the other articles we put out this week, and finally we have the Keller Williams, Kneel for the Win Play.  Each week we will have one play highlighted from the game that secured the game for the Tennessee Titans (or in unfortunate cases, the opponent).   Please feel free to like us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Why is this article called KW Kneel for the Win?  I work for Keller Williams (KW) as a realtor, therefore I thought it fit write an article about the one play that sealed the win.  Yes, it’s not the most creative name, but I can’t help myself at times.  

KW – Kneel for the Win:

The play that secured the win for the Titans in Week 6 is this long touchdown to Taywan Taylor from Marcus Mariota.   Once again, we see the cornerbacks taking outside leverage, which means they have safety help to the inside and possibly linebackers dropping back into coverage.  In this case, Taylor does an extraordinary job in setting up fellow rookie Malik Hooker.  The receiver runs straight at the safety, at which point the cornerback stays in zone coverage underneath, causing Hooker to commit to the inside.  As soon as Hooker’s hips turn to the inside, Taylor breaks to the outside, creating instant separation.  Hooker is forced to turn around, which causes him to slow down and allows Taylor to run right past him.  Mariota recognizes the set up and makes a great throw to Taylor for the touchdown.   The set up on this play is also complex and depends entirely on the cornerback to the right side of the formation.  The Titans have three options running to the right side of the formation, allowing for a half field read for Mariota.  The first wave is Eric Decker cutting across the field, which holds the linebacker dropping back to stay in the short yardage area.  If this linebacker drops further back, then this is an easy pass to Decker.  However, since the linebacker occupies the short yardage area, the second tier of this play belongs to Delanie Walker.  Once he gets past the initial linebacker, he has another defender in the middle of the field taking inside leverage.  When Walker turns to the outside, the inside defender is not expected to stay with him because he’s taken inside leverage.  This is the situation where the outside corner comes into play for the Titans.  If the outside corner decides to run down the field with Taylor, then this is an easy pass to Walker to the sideline, with the inside linebacker trailing him.  If the outsider cornerback decides to stay in the intermediate zone, it means Taylor is matched up one on one with the safety, and it’s paramount that he runs a good route.  In this instance, both teams show a lot of faith in their rookie players as the Colts leave their rookie on an island, while the Titans have a rookie running the most important route of the game.  The Colts played two-thirds of this puzzle perfectly, but Taylor ran a great route to defeat Hooker and seals the game for the Titans. 

Thanks for checking out this week’s KW Kneel for the Win play, and please make sure to check back in as we breakdown Titans films. 

Primarily, I work as a real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty in Franklin, Tennessee.  I’ve lived in Nashville for almost a decade now, and my love for the city only grows deeper, like a 440 pothole.  I follow the Titans closely, so I enjoy writing about the team and breaking down film.  However, my main job consists of being a real estate agent, therefore if you need any kind of help with the sale/purchase of a home, I’d be happy to help you through the process.  If you just want to talk about real estate, feel free to email me as well.   I write a real estate blog as well, which I’ll leave a link to at the bottom of this section (as well as a few other places on the website) so please check it out.

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