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Positive Passing Plays: Titans vs. Ravens (Week 6)

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Welcome to the Positive Passing Plays: Titans vs. Ravens (Week 6) article as we breakdown the successful passing plays from their game this past week.  Safe to say, this is a short article.  The offense was absolutely shut down by the Ravens’ defense, and it did not look pretty.

Positive Passing Plays:



The first pass of the game starts well for Marcus Mariota, as he hits Tajae Sharpe for a 17 yard out route.  I mentioned how Mariota was hesitant to throw to the right in the last game, and I believe it shows up here as well.  The first read is to the right side of the field, but Mariota doesn’t pull the trigger, even though there is a window.  It’s not a great throwing window, but I sense some sort of hesitation from the QB.  Sharpe makes a nice cut to the outside, because he took advantage of the defender’s desire to have outside leverage on this play.  The defender starts off slightly to the outside of the receiver, and Sharpe runs a bit towards the middle to get the hips turned for the corner back.  Afterwards, Sharpe makes the cut to the outside, but the degrees to turn for the receiver is smaller, therefore he will be open.  Mariota makes a good read and hits Sharpe for the first down.  Another thing to notice, the Ravens went into single high safety look here as the ball was being snapped.



A good pass from Mariota here as he hits Sharpe for a 16 yard gain.  The Ravens start out with a 2 safety look, but rotate to single high safety once the receiver goes in motion.  It’s a good set up by the offense, and Mariota makes a nice read.  The read is the linebacker in the middle, if the defender goes with the running back, then pass to Sharpe.  If that linebacker had gone back to defend the intermediate area, then the swing pass to the running back.



Another good pass for the offense here, as Mariota hits Firkser in stride for a first down.  This may not seem like a major scheme set up, but I think it’s brilliant.  First, the running back in the backfield moves the middle linebacker, therefore the middle of the field is vacated.  Second, the offense stacks receivers to the left, but notice the direction of the routes.  They are both running towards the sidelines, but this is a problem for the linebacker on Firkser, because if the tight end goes to the outside, there is a natural pick occurring with the second receiver.  The defender has to move back to allow space, which leaves the slant route open, and Mariota hits it in stride.  I thought the set up on this play was great.



This is probably the best pass of the day for the offense, as Mariota hits Corey Davis for a big gain.  The Titans showed some aggressiveness, and attacked deep, and the field opened up.  Davis is running a deep in route, while Tajae Sharpe is running a seam route at the safety.  Notice how the Ravens let Sharpe go right up the middle, because they just don’t respect the deep throw aspect.  Davis takes advantage of the hip position for the cornerback, as the defender’s hips are facing the sidelines.  Mariota notices the mismatch, as you can see him release the ball even before Davis is making his break to the inside.  This is just a great throw for Mariota, and a wonderful completion.


That’s pretty much it for the positive passes in this game.  There were a few more that yielded positive stats but I didn’t find them interesting enough to write about.  The offense looked completely lackluster, there isn’t any other way to put it.  They played scared from the get go, and the Ravens attacked relentlessly.

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