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Positive Running Game Film – Titans vs. Colts (Week 6)

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Welcome to another film breakdown article for the Tennessee Titans, as they face the Colts in week 6.  I am going to look at the rushing game in this breakdown.  One thing I would like to point out is that it’s much harder to decipher blocking assignments for rushing plays than passing plays, therefore there are bound to be more disagreements on these breakdowns.  I don’t have a clever name for the running game film breakdowns, so please feel free to help out. 

Positive Running Plays


This play isn’t a large chunk of yards, but DeMarco Murray makes a nice move at the line of scrimmage to break the run outside, and gets tackled by his shoelaces.  Notice how he angles himself away from the defender initially to reach the edge, and if not for the tackle, he would have had the first down. 


The offensive line rarely gets credit for good play, so here is an example of good line blocking.  The line is executing a slide block to the left of the formation, and Henry does a good job on turning the corner and gaining yards.  This would have been an even better play if Josh Kline had stuck to his block against the linebacker, but he peeled off to block a backside defender, which allowed the linebacker to track down the running back.  It’s not quite evident from this angle, but notice how the defenders to the right side of the formation freeze for an extra millisecond before chasing after the running back.  The Titans had one receiver to the right side of the formation, and a TE looking to block, giving them two possible targets as far as the defense is concerned.  Yet, four defenders were involved (deep safety, two linebackers, and one cornerback) in the right side of the play.  That is one of the major benefits of Mariota in the lineup because they can’t risk rollouts with a dangerous runner.  


This play isn’t to really highlight Henry again, albeit it is a good run by him.  This is a much better example of how running the read option gives the Titans another element to their offense.  On this play, the Colt’s linebacker is in perfect position to stop this play.  If this is a pocket passer, the linebacker attacks the running back, and this whole play is blown up.  However, Mariota’s threat to be a running menace causes him to pause for long enough that he’s caught in the middle.  Henry runs right by him, even though initially he was in the perfect spot to stop this play, and wasn’t blocked by anyone. 


A nice touchdown from DeMarco Murray, as he follows the lead from Jalston Fowler through the line.  It’s not a perfect play, but Murray shows good patience in following the block, and then fights through the tackle for the touchdown. 


The run heard around the gambling world, as this run allowed for the Titans to cover the spread.  The Titans have the lead and are basically trying to run out the clock, but Henry runs for a 72-yard touchdown.  He makes a very good cutback to the left of the formation, hits the outside, and then fools Malik Hooker in the open field.  The Colts’ rookie was one of the more highly touted safeties to come out in the draft, thanks to his coverage skills, but his main negative was the inability to tackle and/or read running backs.  As you can see on this play, Hooker doesn’t follow the runner well at all on this play, and then takes a bad angle towards Henry in the open field, allowing for a cutback lane.   Henry makes a great cut and runs away for the touchdown. 

In conclusion, there aren’t that many great plays to highlight here, and I personally think Henry is the better back going forward because he’s much more explosive.  Once again, thanks for reading these articles.  Please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. 

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