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Positive Defensive Plays (Part 1) – Titans – Week 6 (Colts)

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Welcome to another film breakdown at Anatomy of Titans , and today we break down the Tennessee Titans defense playing against the Colts in Week 6.  For this article, we focus in on the positive defensive plays.  I will be writing these breakdowns for the Titans and I would love to hear some feedback.  Let’s check out the defensive breakdown.  The defense definitely flashed some positive signs, so there are things to be encouraged about.


This is a great play by Kevin Byard, who blows up the play against the running back, and allows for LeShaun Sims to clean up and make the tackle.  Donte Moncrief is tasked with blocking Byard on this play, but he beats the receiver to the gap, which causes Mack to slow down, instead of keeping his forward momentum.  Instead of moving forward, Mack is moving sideways, therefore Sims can tackle the running back for a loss.


The defense steps up here to stop Frank Gore in the backfield on this play.  The Colts are blocking on this play to allow a hole to open up in the middle, and initially they succeed in doing so.  However, Austin Johnson blows up this play by clogging the hole, which causes Gore to cut back to his left, and into the defensive line.  Notice the angle of the offensive lineman, and how he is trying to push Johnson to the outside, but Johnson fights through the block to get back towards the middle.  Once Johnson impedes the progress of Gore, the play is pretty much contained in the backfield.


The play ends up with a roughing the passer penalty on Erik Walden, leading to a first down.  However, focus on Adoree’ Jackson on this throw because he makes a great play on the ball, playing out of the slot.  Jackson does show a propensity to turn his hips early, but it works in his favor in this situation.  On this play, Jackson has safety help in the middle, so he’s more committed to defending the out route and he goes stride for stride with Hilton.  Jackson stays with Hilton, but he also undercuts the route and makes a great jump on the ball to knock it away.  While the result is negative because of the penalty, it’s a great display by Jackson.


Down near the goal line, the defense makes a great stand here to force an incomplete pass.  The first good aspect of this play is that the Titans got pressure on the QB, while only rushing four defenders.  Second, notice LeShaun Sims on this play, and how he doesn’t turn his hips early to give away his position.  He backpedals from the line of scrimmage, but by doing so, he can break left or right based on the movements of the receiver.   He’s prepared to go outside if Moncrief breaks outside, but also reacts well when he moves inside.  Jacoby Brissett is looking at Moncrief when he feels the pressure, which causes him to throw the ball high since the receiver is well covered.  If Sims isn’t in position, then this is an easy TD, but his good mechanics on this play, allow him to stay step for step by the receiver.


Once again, the defense stands strong near the goal line, and forces another incomplete pass.  Notice Adoree’ Jackson playing out of the slot again, and how he covers Hilton on this play.  He has help in the middle; therefore, he takes outside leverage on the play, but sticks with Hilton as he turns to the outside.  He’s one of the more physically talented players to play the position, so it’s good to see him do well in the slot, where his natural athleticism can help him cover receivers.  He might not be technically sound to be a consistent player on the outside quite yet, but he shows promise with his abilities.

Thanks for reading Part 1 of our positive defensive plays article this week.  Please read Part 2 as well.  I’ve done these gif reviews in the past and they tend to load slowly (especially on mobile devices), hence why I’m breaking them into different parts.

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