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KW – Kneel for the Win – Titans vs. Browns (Week 7)

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Welcome to the article discussing the Tennessee Titans match-up against the Cleveland Browns in week 7 of the 2017 NFL season.  Yes, I know it’s annoying to read that long introduction sentence every time, but it helps SEO!  

So what exactly is this article?  Well if you haven’t read the bio, I work as a realtor at Keller Williams for my main job.  So I thought I would make a KW article, which details the play that sealed the game, either for or against the Titans.  So for all the weeks analyzed, the KW play is the one play that I believe sealed the win for the victor.  Yes, I know it’s not that creative taking KW from Keller Williams and turning it into Kneel for Win.  However, I needed a title that stood out for the crucial play of a game, and voila!  Although, for this week, the article is going to be extremely small because the nature of the play is pretty easy to dissect.  

KW – Kneel for Win:


There isn’t much kneeling done this week, as the Titans win in walk off fashion with an overtime field goal from Ryan Succop.  While it might not be clear in this angle, the ball does go through the uprights, trust me.  Succop scored all the points for the Titans in this game, as they come away with a victory against the Browns.  The team squandered many opportunities to score touchdowns and went down to the wire with quite possibly the worst team in the league, but a win is a win, and it looks just as shiny in the standings.   This isn’t exactly groundbreaking dissection here but there is only so much I can write about a field goal kick.  


Ryan Succop makes a great kick to end the game and win in walk off fashion.  He’s been a very clutch kicker for the Titans, and saves the day here.  As usual, please share this article on social media, friends, and family.  If they ask, tell them it pains me to write an article this short.  You can check out recent articles to the right side (bottom if on mobile) and I’ll leave links to the other articles from week 7 below.  

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  1. What is your ranking of Succop in terms of kickers around the league? 



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